To catch up with the modern trends, we employ novelty methods. I-PRF method is progressive, effective and reliable.

The method consists in natural regeneration of the skin and rejuvenation of cells with the help of preparation of the patient’s own blood.

Before starting the therapy, the doctor takes a 10-20 ml  blood sample in sterile glass vacutainers. This is a standard manipulation that does not cause any discomfort. After blood collection, vacutainers  are centrifuged. During the centrifugation, blood is converted into fibrin-enriched with growth factors, which the doctor then injects into problem areas.


The procedure has a long-lasting (a few years) effect, because in new cells the natural process of aging is just beginning anew. It is safe and not allergic, since the body’s own blood cells are injected into the skin.
In contrast to plasma therapy , which uses plasma enriched in platelets (PRP), in plasma therapy-I-PRF cells are concentrated on the fibrin matrix. The comparative studies of the factors of these two methods show the convincing advantages of I-PRF:

Leukocytes 14420 680
Monocytes 121 2
Neutrophils 4270 100
Lymphocytes 8590 540
Platelets 690000 632000


• Restores the face and neckline (decollet) area, hands and neck: eliminates wrinkles, reduces roughness, improves color, cures dry atopic skin and greasy porous skin;
• heals scars after acne and after injuries, stimulates healing of wounds, vascularization and regeneration of all tissues;
• cures cellulite and stretch marks;
• restores hair health: cures hair loss, cures hair with a weak structure that has lost vitality;
• Reduces the mobility of teeth and inflammatory processes in the periodontal tissues, accelerates the healing of the wells after tooth extraction, improves the implantation of the implants, eliminates unpleasant odors and increases local immunity of the oral cavity;
• is an anti-aging product.

It can be said without exaggeration that I-PRF therapy has revolutionized aesthetic medicine and cosmetology.

The cost of I-PRF therapy in “Slavna”Clinic: face - 3000 ₴, neck - 2000₴, neckline(decollet) - 3000₴, hands - 2000₴, hair part of the head - 3000₴.


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