The HydraFacial units are unique. No other technology in the world makes it possible to carry out a full range of procedures (treatment, rejuvenation, lifting, moisturizing, cleansing) in one session. With all its multifunctionality, the procedure is absolutely safe and as comfortable and pleasant as possible, without requiring any  period of rehabilitation.

The HydraFacial procedure is successfully offered by the most reputable and elite clinics in more than 80 countries. The effectiveness of HydraFacial is confirmed not only by millions of satisfied customers but also by a number of prestigious awards. Also, the procedure enjoys love of Hollywood stars.

The procedure is suitable for any type of skin, for any age, and for any season of the year; it allows you to work both with the face and with the body. HydraFacial normalizes the level of moisturizing, removes mimic wrinkles, successfully fights with hyperpigmentation, improves the condition of oily and problem skin, as well as reduces the depth of old-age wrinkles and nasolabial wrinkles.

Even one HydraFacial procedure (the basic procedure time - 30 minutes) significantly improves the appearance of the skin. The full course demonstrates even more impressive results.


HydraFacial — the choice of the best!
You can choose this procedure in our clinic!


Prices for HydraFacial procedures in “Slavna” clinic: face— 1300₴, face + neck + decollet — 2500₴, hands+ elbows — 2000₴, the upper third of the back — 2700₴.


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