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Quite often, any surgical manipulations in the oral cavity are associated in the mind of patients with unpleasant sensations and a long, painful period of recovery. That is why modern medicine is called to make maximum efforts to make patients feel more comfortable and improve the quality of services provided. One of these techniques is the revolutionary A-PRF technology, whose effectiveness has been proven by extensive research and numerous clinical trials. The use of a patient's own blood healing  as a tool has unquestionable advantages over any other types of medication.

What is A-PRF technology?

A-PRF (Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin) is a method of obtaining fibrin membranes enriched in a large number of platelets and leukocytes by centrifuging the patient's own blood. Due to the use of special sterile, single-use tubes, it is possible to obtain the maximum concentrate of growth factors and immune protection that stimulate the growth of blood vessels and create favorable conditions for the rapid recovery of bone and soft tissues. The procedure for collecting blood in a vacuum tube is standard and does not cause discomfort in patients.

Advantages of A-PRF technology:

  • minimal pain in the postoperative period

  • postoperative complications of inflammatory character are less likely

  • shorter overall duration of the rehabilitation period

  • promotes high-quality restoration of bone tissue and healing of gums

  • the use of patients own blood eliminates the risk of occurrence of allergic reactions

  • technology is a great alternative to artificial collagen membranes, which, moreover, are much more expensive.

Application of A-PRF membranes in dental surgery:

1. After simple and complex (atypical) tooth extraction - the use of fibrin membranes is a direct prevention of alveolitis (inflammatory desease of the bone socket of the tooth); it also promotes rapid and painless healing of tissues.
2. Dental Implant Operations - A-PRF technology is an additional factor in the successful integration of dental implants.
3. Bone augmentation - during operations precedingdental implantation (sinus lifting, augmentation of the alveolar ridge), the A-PRF technique can improve the results of bone tissue regeneration.
4. Periodontal surgery - fibrin membranes allow to obtain high aesthetic indicators during the treatment of gum recession and periodontal disease.

Thus, the A-PRF technology has a number of significant advantages and has found its wide application in surgical dentistry and other branches of medicine. Visit the "SLAVNA" clinic to make sure of this from your own experience.


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